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VA Documents We Will Need

A VA loan program will require the gathering of some documents from you. There are slight variations depending on your individual circumstances but below is a list of basic items we need to gather from most borrowers.

·         Copy of your last two pay stubs as applicable.

·         Copy of your last two years Federal Tax Returns (all pages) and any K-1s listed on your Schedule E. ~ if you own 25% or more of any
          Corporation, LLC, Partnership etc. we will need copies of the last two years Federal Tax Returns for those entities too.

·         Copy of your last two years W2s to match the tax returns

·         Proof of any other income you will be using to qualify

·         Copy of your last two months bank and asset statements

·         Copy of your driver’s license

·         VA Certificate of Eligiblity

·         Home phone number

·         Cell phone number and e-mail address for each borrower

·         Copy of your mortgage payment coupon along with a copy of your homeowner’s insurance declaration page (the page that shows your annual
          premium along with your summary of coverages).

·         Signed copy of our Credit Authorization for so we can obtain your credit report.


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