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Our People

Floyd Walters - Owner and Broker - Helping people, solving problems, and making a positive difference are just a few things that Floyd Walters is passionate about. Over the past 35 years, he has closed over 3,000 loans and has helped make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

As the Owner and Broker of BWA, Floyd has built a thriving business rooted in treating clients like family, solving problems,  and sharing years’ worth of knowledge with others to remove the stress and confusion that often exists in the lending industry. So, it’s no surprise that the majority of BWA clients are repeat customers or have been recommended by a past client, Realtors, CPAs, Financial Advisors and other professionals. 

As a reverse mortgage specialist, Floyd knows that understanding a client’s unique situation and goals are pivotal in creating a successful plan. So, that’s exactly what he does. From the first conversation to successfully reaching the last step of the process, he stands by a client’s side to ensure that they understand the process and are comfortable and feel secure each and every step of the way. 

When Floyd isn’t helping clients, he enjoys spending time with family, reading biographies, learning new things, watching Jeopardy (and pretending he knows the answers!), and giving classes and seminars to those interested in learning more about the lending world.

Cynthia Tamborrino - Loan Officer Assistant and Loan Processor - has been an integral part of the BWA team since 2011. Having been in the lending industry since 2005, she brings an immense amount of experince and knowledge to her role as Loan Officer Assistant and Loan Processor. 

Her extensive expertise draws from her experience in areas such as post-closing deficiencies, reverse mortgages, collateral analysis, secondary markets, post-closing loan services, and more. And, she pulls from this expertise on a daily basis when working with clients to successfully take their loans from start to finish. 

Not only is Cynthia exceptional as managing and processing loans, but she is also equally passionate about ensuring that clients feel taken care of. One of the things that she loves most about her role is that she has the opportunity to help make other people’s lives better and more comfortable! 

When Cynthia isn’t busy creating happy clients at BWA, you can find her filled with joy at the baseball field with her two children who both play little league. She also is an avid music lover and enjoys attending concerts.

Therese Kaljian - Loan Officer Assistant and Loan Processor - brings over a decade of lending experience and superior customer service to the team at BWA. 

From managing cashouts to helping clients lower their interest rates, she works diligently daily to ensure that the loan process is going smoothly and that clients are constantly updated on where everything stands. And, her desire to make clients feel comfortable throughout the entire process is evident in everything that she does. 

Given that the lending world can often feel complex, Therese places a heavy focus on making sure that clients understand each and every step of the process and goes above and beyond to answer questions and provide insight to ensure that is a reality.  

Her warm and friendly demeanor, coupled with her extensive knowledge, make her an invaluable part of the BWA team. 

When Therese isn’t occupied helping clients have a positive and successful experience, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband. She also loves music, dancing, and attending open houses so that she always has a pulse on current market conditions.