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What’s New In The World Of Mortgages In 2021!

What’s New In The World Of Mortgages In 2021!

2021 comes in “roaring like a lion” in the world of mortgages with interest rates the lowest in US history! Here's a few other key points as we start off 2021!

The Federal Reserve promises to keep “short term interest rates” low for an indefinite period of time and for now that’s helping to keep “long term interest rates” (like home mortgages) at historic lows.

Lenders are still making loans, lots of them!

All lenders are busy, but we are working with our clients to set expectations and more importantly close their loans!

Many borrowers are significantly lowering their payments and some are taking cash out to do home improvements or consolidate higher interest debts like credit cards.

The process is pretty straight forward for many borrowers and BWA Mortgage brings our 30+ years of expertise to the table each time to assist you in completing your loan and achieving you goals.

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