Our People

Beth handles marketing and administration here at BWA. She is responsible for handling operational and “Floyd-centric” tasks as well as developing and nurturing new relationships. As Marketing Manager, she enjoys using her experience in arts & entertainment to create interesting and worthwhile communication pieces as well as update our digital presence. Beth lives in Glendale with her husband Scott. They enjoy exploring restaurants, parks, and museums throughout the area. Beth joined BWA in August, 2016, and is excited to help with any questions, concerns, or requests regarding your clients and BWA.

Cynthia has been with BWA since February, 2011. She has been in the lending world since 2005, when she worked at Bank of America handling post-closing deficiencies. Since joining BWA in 2011, she has become one of our most valuable loan processors, and has recently taken on the role of special assistant to Floyd. Cynthia is a go-getter and a problem solver when it comes to processing a loan. If you have an issue you are lucky to have her on your side as an advocate. Cynthia is also a family woman. Mother to an 8-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter, you can catch Cynthia at Mountasia playing laser tag with her son or at church with her family on Sunday or gloating (rightfully so) about a project that her son made at school that week. If you have any questions about the loan process she can answer them for you!

Tamika, our newest addition to the BWA family, joined BWA in October, 2016, and has over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Tamika’s poise, knowledge, and perseverance are some of the attributes which make her an asset at BWA. She is a proud mother, mentor, and author of several independently published self-help books. Tamika is one of our dedicated loan processors and is responsible for closing loans from start to finish. She will go the extra mile to tend to the clients’ needs and get the job done with a smile.

Zara joined the BWA family in March of 2015 after almost 5 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Zara’s charismatic and zealous attitude are just a couple the qualities which make her an asset at BWA. She loves to read and spends most of her free time with her family. Zara is one of our loan processors here at BWA and is responsible for getting the loans closed, from start to finish. She is thorough in gathering borrower information, verifying loan documents and reviewing file documentation to guide each loan from pre-approval to closing. She will do whatever it takes to keep a client happy and will go above and beyond to meet all of their needs.

Floyd is the owner and broker for BWA which he started in 1985 (Wow that’s 32 years!!). Floyd is a family man and has five beautiful children who he raised to adulthood with his wife Diana. Floyd has built a business that provides real estate financing the way he feels it should be done with high attention to detail and providing consumers with an easy to understand explanation of the loan process.